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Welcome to Newton College

The vision for this learning institution is more than young people obtaining subject knowledge, it is about helping someone get a second chance. Not everyone gets it right the first time and to stand up and try again takes courage. Newton College would like to walk that road with the person who wants to take that journey.

The education system in South Africa has gone through so many changes over the years. These changes have not benefited all of our children all of the time.

It has only been through my years of teaching at a couple of international schools that I have been able to quantify what we need to help those students who have fallen through the cracks.

They need structure and guidance through this maze of subject knowledge. They need to know what is relevant and how. And they need this guidance from an experienced teacher.


This is what Newton College will provide. An experienced teacher who will selectively review the relevant content for the student and teach them how to apply that knowledge to examination questions.


The student can choose which part of the matric curriculum he/she needs help in and register only for that specific grade content. They can maximise the best use of his/her time by mixing and matching lesson times in the day and/or evening. The lessons are aimed only at examination readiness and teacher lead instruction to ensure relevant content is grasped by the student.


Please explore 'Our Social Responsibility Programs' page to see how committed Newton College is to our goal of giving as many people in our community another chance at getting their matric.


Best Regards,

Newton College Management

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