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Dream it!   Work at it!    Achieve it!

Newton College is a learning institution based in Port Elizabeth. We opened our doors and offered our first classes in 2018. We are passionate about providing our learners with an opportunity to empower themselves so that they can achieve their dreams. Those dreams invariably start with having an education and for some that means a matric rewrite or coming back to school to complete your adult matric.

The vision for this kind of facility was birthed by the founder, Leigh Armstrong.  While working as a senior manager in a multinational corporate organisation, she saw first hand the impact of not having a matric certificate had on the morale of the employees.

Building onto her vision we embarked on the journey of providing a place where adults, current school leavers and/ or senior learners can come to in order for them to get the assistance they require to enable them to write or rewrite their matric certificate. This being our core program on offer.

In 2021 a decision was made to diversify out product offering; we expanded into end-user computing and now in 2023 we will be expanding into generic management programmes

We pride ourselves on three fundamental value propositions that would ensure our leaners receive the outcomes they signed up for, namely;


Small Classes

Maximum of 12 - 15 students per class.

Allowing more contact time with the tutor


Teacher - Led

Learners will receive tuition for approximately 30 weeks consisting of min 3 lessons per week per subject.  


Exam Focused

Leaners are continuously assessed for exam readiness through regular testing and assignments 

meet the team


From the left: Charmelle Hiles (Operations Director); Maria Bekker (Head of Finance); Leigh Armstrong (ICT DIrector); Caitlin Bekker (Head of Adminstration)

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