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VTech Program

On the 30th September we began an 8 week basic computer skills programme at Maranatha Youth Center. The aim of the course is to skill a number of residents and students at the centre in a few essential computer applications. We have focused on Windows 10, Basic MS Office and Excel, Gmail and google drive. The participants will have the confidence to apply their skills in both a private and professional environment.


A huge thank you to Dr Trudi Basson and Mr Harrison Nash for giving us the opportunity to work with you. Please visit their website and see what wonderful work is being done at Maranatha.


Extra Lessons

2022 we have given grade 10 - 12 students from Marantha extra tuition in the following subjects:

  • CAT

  • Physical Science

  • Maths

Joyce, one of full time students at Newton College volunteers once a month to help the students from Marantha with CAT practical work!

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