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What will your support do?

In 2019 we set a target to fund 20 students in 2020. The picture in the banner of this page are 13 of the 20 students that received funding to get their National Senior Certificate. We were able to do this through a collaboration with Uren Trust. We have had individuals sponsoring students and Newton College Port Elizabeth has donated 3 places to students for a second chance at their matric.

Why do we need to so this? The simple answer is the catastrophic high school drop out rate. It is estimated that 47-50% of young people drop out of school. The pandemic has exacerbated an existing dire social problem; with an estimated 750,000 students having dropped out by May 2021. This is triple the national average of 230,000 children annually. These students need to be reached and given a second chance of getting their Senior Certificate.

2020 Funded Students

What will help?

Students who have dropped out of school often are missing foundations and we cannot expect them to join an accelerated learning programme and complete 6 subjects to obtain their senior certificate. The best model we have found to date is that the student does 2 subjects per year and completes their senior certificate over a period of 3 years. We are aiming to assist 40 adult students in 2022 to start again on this journey of finishing their schooling.

how can you donate?

There are a number of ways to donate.

  1. Through our crowd funding campaigns: Donorbox and Back-a-Buddy

  2. You can donate through PayPal

  3. Transfer directly into our Standard bank account

Click on the slide below to the donation link of your choice

Crowd Funding Campaigns

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