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Our Good News Stories

The reason Newton College Foundation exists is to give adults the opportunity to get their matric. The funds we raise go to sponsoring people who have decided to go back to school and write the amended senior certificate (adult matric). Here is the story of one of our students.

My Story.......

I would like to give a personal testimony, but for personal reasons, I would prefer to stay anonymous.


The purpose of this testimony is to give hope to those of you who have lost hope of getting your matric.

In grade 8, I dropped out of school; I was 15yrs old. I am now 25yrs old and a student at Newton College. Two years ago, I decided that I needed to get my matric. The department of education however, required that I had to have at least completed grade 9, which meant I needed to first complete ABET level 4 maths and English. In 2020, together with COVID and all the stumbling blocks that came with lockdowns and social distancing, I passed!

So in 2021 I joined Newton College to start my journey to get that matric certificate. With a Senior Certificate I have the opportunity to one day study further, this is my dream. I wrote my first exams in June 2022 and I passed my first two subjects. Now I am going full steam with my next round of subjects. 

What I would like everyone reading this to know is that it does not matter what stumbling blocks you have in your life, you can overcome them and you can achieve. The sacrifices you need to make now is a small price to pay for the reward in the end. It simply requires will power, ambition and hard work. It does not matter how many times or how long it takes to get your matric, you have to try. The rewards are sweet and it makes you a stronger person for the road that lies ahead.


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